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[[File:Ernst-II 1775.jpg||300px]]
[[File:Ernst-II 1775.jpg||300px]]
[[File:SK13-117, S.1.jpg|300px]]
[[File:SK13-117, S.1.jpg|300px]]
[[File:Johann Friedrich Christian Rudorff, SK10-173a.PNG|300px]]
[[File:Johann Friedrich Christian Rudorff, SK10-173a.png|300px]]
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[[File:SK13(3)-Nr-048-075 page 0263.jpg|300px]]
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[[File:Johann Bode 2.jpg|300px]]

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The Gotha Illuminati Research Base is a project of the Gotha Research Centre, a subunit of the University of Erfurt.

The Database began as a Wiki in the DFG funded project "Illuminati Essays" conducted by Markus Meumann and Olaf Simons under the supervision of Martin Mulsow Martin Mulsow.

The original Wiki was extremely successful. We were delighted it quickly united the entire research on the Illuminati. Everyone doing work in the field contacted us to have his or her own personal account.

Hermann Schüttler gave the project an immense push with the list of members and with a web-version of the biographies he had previously published in his Die Mitglieder des Illuminatenordens, 1776-1787/93 (Munich, 1991). He also entrusted us with a hard drive we could not that easily digest: It brought us an Access file of all the letters he had seen and catalogued in the Halle based project on the Illuminati correspondence in which he had been in the research team with Reinhard Markner under the supervision of Monika Neugebauer-Wölk.

The Gotha based project on the Illuminati Essays ended in 2016 and left us with a general consensus that the "Research Base" needed far more than a Wiki — da database which we could use in order to widen the project. Wikimedia Germany was ready to support us with implementing one of the first Wikibase instances outside Wikidata: the birth of the FactGrid project wiith is now open to historical research in general.

The move was appreciated by the research community. Practically everyone who is doing research on the Illuminati or Freemasonry has an account with us. We are at the same moment in an interim working on a phase 2 project to be realised on the platform we are now having. The content of the old wiki has been migrated and other projects are now widening our work with perspectives on France or the emergence of student fraternities in Germany around between 1750 and 1830.

The Gotha Illuminati Research Base is at the same moment a provisional site. Wikibase comes without a user friendly interface. Many of our links are now directed to SPARQL queries, loved by specialists, but quite a problem for regular web-surfers. We are aware of this problem and we know it will need a designed interface sooner or later.

If you have questions concerning the project and the present web application contact the technical supervisor

Dr. Olaf Simons
Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt
Am Schlossberg 2

Projects and participants

Reinhard Markner

With Hermann Schüttler co-editor of the two volumes of the Illuminati Correspondence (2005/2013) and with Josef Wages of the Secret School of Wisdom (2015).

Erik Liebscher

Markus Meumann

Martin Mulsow

Head of the Gotha Research Centre Illuminatenaufsätze im Kontext der Spätaufklärung: Ein unbekanntes Quellenkorpus

Peggy Pawlowski

Hermann Schüttler

Author of Die Mitglieder des Illuminatenordens, 1776-1787/93 (Munich, 1991), editor of Johann Joachim Christoph Bode, Journal von einer Reise von Weimar nach Frankreich. Im Jahr 1787 (Munich, 1994); with Reinhard Markner co-editor of the two volumes of the Illuminati Correspondence (2005/2013).

Olaf Simons

Josef Wäges

Christian Wirkner

Johann Adam Weishaupt.jpg Ernst-II 1775.jpg SK13-117, S.1.jpg Johann Friedrich Christian Rudorff, SK10-173a.png SK13(3)-Nr-048-075 page 0263.jpg Johann Bode 2.jpg Goethe (Stieler 1828).jpg SK13-117, S.8.jpg