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Looking for people

  • Search all people of the same family name, sort by given names, state everyone with information about life dates and family details. Table
  • Name of people who ever were a residents of place with basic personal information. Table

Looking for documents

  • All documents written by N.N. with corresponding documents. Table
  • All documents sent to N.N. with corresponding documents. Table
  • All documents mentioning N.N. with corresponding documents. Table
  • All documents of a file listed in sequence. Table
  • All documents sent from (place) by date. Table
  • All documents of a specific archive and research interest by date. Table



All documents of a specific research interest where from? Map

All persons of a certain profession in a town Map



  • no functional query yet, but a first attempt is here, modeled after the "academic tree" graph in Scholia's author aspect




Grammatically intricate searches

Looking for a statement - give it with all the qualifying statements

This search is especially useful if the data model needs to be changed. It searches the database for a particular statement and gives all the instances with the respective qualifying sub-statements:

  ?s wdt:P2 wd:Q7.
  ?s p:P266 ?st. # ?s is the the statement node
  ?st ps:P266 ?o. # that simulates the predicate
  ?st ?qualifier ?value. # this is an attribute (a qualifier)


Wishful thinking


  1. Adapted from here.