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All FactGrid information is CC0 licensed

CC0 allows other users to freely use all data they find, even without further mentioning the platform on which the data were first generated, let alone the researchers that retrieved the information. Commercial use is part of the deal.

While CC0 has all the qualities of a drastic and far too radical decision — for why should academic projects, funded by the public sector, allow it other projects to make financial profit with their work? — it remains the only viable decision in the field of data sharing.

  • data you produce might appear in visualisations — how would set footnote footnotes on dots and lines in such a visualisation
  • you will be eager to see your data used by the national libraries or Wikidata — but how could these platforms make sure that their users will respect your personal licensing scheme?

The liberal CC0 license does not mean that no one will be interested to quote you on your data. The opposite is true: Anyone who uses data is usually eager to guarantee their quality. Bigger users of data such as the GND or Wikidata are prepared to quote sources.

It is therefor necessary to make quoting easy. The version histories are not of much help here.

Quote FactGrid-Items with the respective Property:P131 information

If you download database information on items you can download the Property:P131 with the properties you are capturing. This will give you the information of the research projects that contributed to the respective data set.

Look four sources in the reference sections of the individual statements

If you use FactGrid-information on the level of individual statements check the sources given on these statements and use them on the statement in your further research.

A desideratum: the automatic citation recommendation

The automatic citation recommendation for data will be a desideratum of the ongoing Wikibase development.