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All FactGrid information is CC0 licensed

CC0 allows other users to freely use all data they find, even without further mentioning the platform on which the data were first generated, let alone the researchers that retrieved the information. Commercial use is part of the deal.

The CC0 decision sounds extremely radical, for why should academic projects, funded by the public sector, allow other projects to make financial profit with their work? And: would we not spread the idea of non commercial data use if we demanded that all those using our data have to spread that very ethos?

WE have chosen the open CC0 license for practical reasons:

  • data you produce might appear in visualisations often mixed with other data — what footnotes would you demand on the lines or dots in a visualisation? Only the CC0 license allows others to visualise your data freely.
  • you will be eager to see your data used by the national libraries or Wikidata — but they could not risk the import (even with source attribution) since they in turn would suddenly become responsible for the fair use of your data in the hands of their users.

The liberal CC0 license allows the open and unrestricted use but it does not promote the use of data without source attribution. Those who use FactGrid data are actually eager to quote your sources and to name the projects that contributed to a data set, as it adds quality to the data they will be using in their research.

It is therefor necessary to make quoting easy — which is not that easy on a platform that does not just offer files of data as packed together by the individual project leaders.

If you want to quote projects who ran the research add a P131 query to your search as in this example:

It is more difficult to grab primary sources on statements, as both the statements and the source attributions will vary (e.g. Primary sources versus secondary literature quoted on a statement). The recommendation is here to look at specific statements and to formulate queries according to your needs and to your specific interest.

Quote FactGrid-Items with the respective Property:P131 information

If you download database information on items you can download the Property:P131 with the properties you are capturing. This will give you the information of the research projects that contributed to the respective data set.

Look four sources in the reference sections of the individual statements

If you use FactGrid-information on the level of individual statements check the sources given on these statements and use them on the statement in your further research.

A desideratum: the automatic citation recommendation

The automatic citation recommendation for data will be a desideratum of the ongoing Wikibase development.