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— on FactGrid, the Wikibase instance for historical data, DOI 10.17616/R31NJMQR, Q17 on the global Wikibase Registry.

Looking at our central goals — we want to offer a free Wikibase installation for historical research furnished with a well developed landscape of authority control data to work with — we are still at the beginning. So much we can say after the first two years of the experimental project: The software is bright and cool to operate. The platform has grown above expectation. This is our list of users. As of April 2020 we have generated over 160,000 database items, a lot of them with an unprecedented experimental depth of information. The more massive steps, however, are still lying ahead: In 2019 we entered a a joint venture with the German National Library; we are presently working behind the scenes on an input of up to 10 million GND and Wikidata records. You might like to check our blog to learn more about the project with its numerous facets.

If you do not have an account yet — that is the first thing we should offer (but read our FactGrid:Terms of Service before you contact the technical coordinator).

The present installation is by default in English. If you have an account you can switch the interface to any language you prefer. What is far more important: The software is ready work with information in practically any language — as long as users keep putting labels in their languages on the Items and Properties which constitute all the statements. The different projects on board have taught FactGrid a presentation of data in English, German and French. You can switch between these languages when in the SPARQL search interface.

The interface is not where we would like to have it. We are planning to offer all our data records on multilingual Reasonator pages. Also the search functions are not where we want to have them — SPARQL is an obstacle to normal internet visitors. Wikidata is presently the big project that shows how to access a Wikibase installation. Read our FactGrid FAQ – Why should I use the FactGrid for my research project? to get an idea what the site can do for you and visit the FactGrid:Projects-page for first presentations of individual projects. The broader use of this site will come with the GND-input. The platform will be a relaxed space to test its potentials until then.

      Dr. Olaf Simons
      Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt
      Am Schloßberg 2
      99867 Gotha
      office: +49-361-737-1722
      mobile: +49-179-5196880

All FactGrid-data are CC0-licensed

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