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The Bible & Quran Project

The FactGrid Bible & Quran Project is still in its experimental stages and a project looking for a team of people to take over. It aims to provide the historical knowledge of the Bible and the Quran in a SPARQL readable format — in a format open to logical searches, data mining and big data visualisations.

The main asset is presently the dataset of the roughly 3000 personal records more or less all people mentioned in the biblical books. We can roughly state their genealogical connections and we are now about to widen the scope of information with biblical politics, events, textual references and internal dates (Usser's chronology would be an interesting thing to have with all the personal records).

The project is interesting from the historian's perspective as we are dealing here with the text base that was the backbone of all historical knowledge for centuries in the Christian and Muslim world. It had to be accepted that the world was created around 4,000 BCE. The historical traditions of all the other cultures ancient and exotic seemed inflated against the extremely rational framework of the biblical texts.

The project should at the same moment be of immense interest to all who are studying the Bible or the Quran from various theological and non-religious backgrounds as it promises to provide conclusive free and open to use data sets to explore in textual studies — data sets that can be downloaded and scanned far better than any of the traditional indices of the texts extant.

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