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Standard Mail(s)

Dear ***,

thank your for your interest in a FactGrid account.

The standard way onto the platform is with transparent personal authentication and a project (i.e. a look at data you would like to feed into FactGrid, e.g. via a Google spreadsheet). Data you want to feed into FactGrid should be connected to specific research questions you want to solve.

The account is not necessary if you just want to get data from FactGrid - all our data are free and the interface will not change with an account. All that changes are the edit and data-upload functions.

FactGrid account holders are requested to give contact data on their user pages - a private mail address or a work place address. This is easy for the university projects for which FactGrid is mainly designed. Please consider whether you are as comfortable with the visibility of private and personal data.

Our Terms of Service are also available here


Best regards,
Olaf Simons