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The Wikibase instance are come with the support of a regular MediaWiki, which can be used to generate any number of pages like this one.

Uniform page naming

In the FactGrid, this option is currently used primarily to open pages on documents. These remain bound to the corresponding database objects through a page naming standard.

If the item Q6569 is the database object for a document, the text page for the transcript will receive the title D-Q6569.

Mutual linking

In the database object Q6569, use Property:P251 to create a link to the page of the following standard:

In return, give the respective link to the Item on the document page, which you can now fill in when you follow the link.

The design fragment for document pages

Use copy + paste to put the following source code fragment on the page, which you can open with the link you have just created. The Q number must be inserted in the first line. The tildes in the second and third lines become dated signatures of your account.

The <poem> tags serve to preserve line breaks in the transcript. If you transcribe without an interest in line breaks, remove both tags.

* '''Metadata:''' [[Item:Q]]
* '''Commentary:''' ~~~~
* '''Transcript:''' ~~~~
== Commentary ==
== Transcript ==
== Notes ==


With the following script fragment you set footnotes


Special Characters

Wikitext is largely html-compatible. You can get special character instructions from the html help pages, for example:

special html characters and signs /

Some particularly useful special characters are

□ = &#9633;
⧉ = &#10697;