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Dear Per,

using the automatic user creation feature I forgot to copy your email to a clipboard befor pressing the create button, hence my welcome note here on FactGrid - your email disappeared into the system, and I'd love you to state it here on your user page with other contact information

User:Per Rohdin

We are basically a research site used by historians, hence not quite the site for private genealogy. You are otherwise an interesting participant as it seems you have some nice technical skills. The biggest problem in your project will be one of data privacy in your case as you seem to be thinking of getting your family history up into the 1980s. Most of our data stopped in the 1950s so far. So, maybe, we can talk about problems which we cannot yet anticipate so far before you run a bigger input. Items that are known alreaeady on other public databases are no problem in this respect; and as you pointed out: Wikidata-references are welcome in these cases as they help us to avoid double entries.

One of the conditions connected to the issue of authorial responsibilities is that we have a clear name editor policy coming with the requirement of public contact data. This can be private of professional as in the case of university people who are using FactGrid officially from within their various research projects (see also: FactGrid:Terms of Service).

Apologies for the initial formalities and welcome on the platform. It might make things easier if we can take a joint look at data which you want to feed into FactGrid on a Google Spreadsheet; it will also be a fast way to get the P-numbers for particular needs.

Best wishes --Olaf Simons (talk) 15:32, 9 November 2020 (CET)