Help:How do I use OpenRefine on FactGrid?

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If you have data on a spreadsheet you can use OpenRefine to clean, prepare and reconcile the data for an input.

The tool need, however, to be installed on the computer from which reconciliations will be done:

Installing OpenRefine

Install the last version openrefine (3.5.0 <>) on your computer.

Open the app and follow the instruction here <>. It simply means to click the button "Wikidata" (on the right of the blue bar - which appears if you have created a project) and choose "Select Wikibase instance". You click on the button "Add Wikibase" and enter the FactGrid manifest's URL which is (see FactGrid:Setup). You will see the logo FactGrid. You click on it and the reconciliation service of FactGrid is selected.

OpenRefine is the sort of spreadsheet. The reconciliation is the most useful tool: you create a project (simply select a file and follow the instruction). You make a reconciliation on the data of any column of your spreadsheet. For that, you click on the button at the head of this column and select "reconciliation". OpenRefine searches for items in FactGrid whose labels resemble the data in that column and makes suggestions for you. This is the reconciliation. It is very useful for many purpose.

To use the reconciliation service in a different language, use a URL like the following in the reconcile dialog: