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  1. Copy the fragment from the grey area and paste it into the QuickStatements-Input field.
  2. Run CSV input
  3. Replace the #, the "input here statements" and the 2040 dates with the respective information. Make sure that you have given Labels and descriptions in your language and in English.

Create a print publication


The label/description/alias convention is:

  • Label: [Daniel DeFoe,] The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, vol. 1, 4th edition (London: W. Taylor, 1719).
  • Description: vol. 1, 4th ed., London: William Taylor, 1719
  • Alias: Robinson Crusoe, 4th edition

Create a publication in a journal or collective volume

  • Label: Peter Miller (1950): My best article
  • Description: in: Journal of weird articles, 5 (1950), p.1-1000.

Create a person

  • Label: George Frideric Handel
  • Description: * 1685 Halle (Saale), + 1759 London, composer

Create a family name

,"#","#","#","#","family name","Familienname","nom de famille","apellido",Q24499

Create a given name

,"#","#","#","#","given name","Vorname","prénom","nombre de pila",Q31776,Q17
  • The last statement Q17 states that the name is predominantly used as a female gender marker; change to Q18 if it is a name for males.

Create a career statement/ profession

,"#","#","#","#","career statement","Karriere-Statement","énoncé de carrière","declaración de carrera",Q37073,Q6

Create a "Document" page for transcripts

create a with Property:P251 a link like

and insert on the page it allows to create this fragment:

* '''Metadata:''' [[Item:Q]]
* '''Transcript:''' ~~~~
* '''Commentary:''' ~~~~
== Commentary ==
== Transcript ==

</poem> == Notes == <references/>