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Looking for people

  • Search all people of the same family name, sort by given names, state everyone with information about life dates and family details. Table
  • Name of people who ever were a residents of place with basic personal information. Table

Looking for documents

  • All documents written by N.N. with corresponding documents. Table
  • All documents sent to N.N. with corresponding documents. Table
  • All documents mentioning N.N. with corresponding documents. Table
  • All documents of a file listed in sequence. Table
  • All documents sent from (place) by date. Table
  • All documents of a specific archive and research interest by date. Table





  • no functional query yet, but a first attempt is here, modeled after the "academic tree" graph in Scholia's author aspect




Grammatically intricate searches

Wimimedia sources

Statements with sources

Get information from connected items

Search for specific Qualifiers on a Statement

You already know one related value

  • all the lodges of Saint Domingue/Haiti the intricate part is, that the lodges only have information on places, the places have information on the territorial affiliation - we ask for Q176240 (Haiti) as the must have value. The bracket can also have more countries.

Looking for a statement - give it with all the qualifying statements

This search is especially useful if the data model needs to be changed. It searches the database for a particular statement and gives all the instances with the respective qualifying sub-statements:

  ?s wdt:P2 wd:Q7.
  ?s p:P266 ?st. # ?s is the the statement node
  ?st ps:P266 ?o. # that simulates the predicate
  ?st ?qualifier ?value. # this is an attribute (a qualifier)


Filter based on strings

Filtering results containing certain strings (texts) can be archieved with `FILTER()`

SPARQL patterns for reuse

Count properties

Get all properties of an item

  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
  wd:Q406029 ?p ?o

count statements per item within a certain project

or within any other property-object relation

 SELECT DISTINCT ?item ?itemLabel ?statementcount WHERE {
   SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
   # change property item relation
   ?item wdt:P131 wd:Q400012 .
   ?item wikibase:statements ?statementcount.

Wishful thinking


  1. Adapted from here.