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Ordenskalender, Schwedenkiste Vol. 8


The majority of Illuminati documents uses an adapted Persian Calendar, the "Jezdegerdische oder persische Calender". 630 years have to be subtracted: 1155 is 1785, 1156 is 1786 and so on. Confusion is caused by the fact that the new year starts on March 21. Many documents change the year already on January 1.

The individual months have Persian names under different spellings. All months with the exception of the first, begin with the complementary Gregorian western months. The first month, Ardibehescht begins on March 21 and counts days up to April 31, so that it receives an extraordinary length of 41 days. The following table with name variants and calculation advice:

Nr. Persian name(s) and abbreviations German name, Gregorian calendar Nr
01 Pharavardin, Pharvadîn, Pharuard 21. März - 30. April
all dates 1—11: +20 to get March 22—30
all dates 12—41: -11 to get April 1—30
02 Adarpahascht, Ardibehescht, Ardibeh Mai 05
03 Chordad, Chordâd, Chordad Juni 06
04 Tirmeh, Tir Juli 07
05 Merdedmeh, Mordad August 08
06 Schaharimeh, Schahriver September 09
07 Meharmeh, Meher Oktober 10
08 Abermeh, Abân November 11
09 Adarmeh, Adar, Ader Dezember 12
10 Dimeh, Dey, Dee, Din Januar 01
11 Benmeh, Bahmann, Februar 02
12 Asphandar, Sefender,[1] Esphendarmad, Esphender 1.—20. März 03