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Results of the debate should be represented on Item:Q16200


Property Example statement (for Q918936)
ID Name ID Name
P2 instance of Q701396 residential building
P47 location Q629100 Boskovice
P1121 urban district Q918913 Boskovice central quarter
P522 street Q922922 Masarykovo náměstí
P152 house number 3 -
P189 image File:Radnicni vez Boskovice.JPG -
Wikidata sitelink - Q12048622 -

Property Example statement (for Q482685 Leipzig, Markt 3 "Kochs Hof")
ID Name ID Name
P2 instance of Q16200 real estate
P47 location Q10408 Leipzig
P47 location Q481617 Innenstadt Leipzig
P47 location Q481691 Leipzig, Markt
P48 Coordinate location 51°20'28.064"N, 12°22'31.015"E -
P189 image File:Kochs Hof Reichsstraße.jpg -
P301 See also Q483192 Leipzig, Reichsstraße 47 (used for interconnected Buildings (passages))
P153 Address name(s) Brandkataster neu 321 (de) i.e. special cadastral numbering
P1035 Well-Known Text Geometry POLYGON ((12.3754926960931 51.3410983884883,12.3754942627407 51.3410563061901,12.3759282241299 51.3410406476507,12.3759188242442 51.3410915378842,12.3754926960931 51.3410983884883)) -