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Cuneiforme tablet and enveloppe-MAHG 16161, between 1700 and 1800 BC , Musée d'art et d'histoire, created in Ancient Egypt, found in Babylon excavations

The FactGrid Cuneiform project seeks to provide a comprehensive ontology for all artifacts with cuneiform inscriptions. For every document within an archive, we can make triple statements for both observable facts and scholarly editions derived from publication sources. In addition to the tablets and artifacts, this project seeks to document the numerous entities named in the text, and work with specialists to build statements for prosopography, since the occurrence of a name requires disambiguation before it can be confidently linked to a person.

Currently the FactGrid cuneiform project has mapped all online artifacts with cuneiform inscriptions, and provides a template for the different types of statements for a cuneiform tablet (see below).

Contact: Adam Anderson / Timo Homburg


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