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PhiloBiblon (which takes its name from Richard de Bury's 14th-c. description of an ideal library) is the corpus of data catalogued by the PhiloBiblon Project: the romance vernacular sources of medieval and early modern Iberian culture: the primary sources themselves, both manuscript and printed, the texts they contain, the individuals involved with the production and transmission of those sources and texts, and the libraries holding them, along with relevant secondary references and authority files for persons, places, and institutions.

For the latest information see the PhiloBLOG or follow PhiloBiblon on Bluesky, Mastodon, Twitter, YouTube, or InstaGram.

PhiloBiblon consists of four separate bibliographies, each of which has its own Home Page:

  1. BETA / Bibliografía Española de Textos Antiguos: Medieval texts in Spanish. FactGrid Item:Q254471. Senior Staff: Charles Faulhaber (Q164508), Óscar Perea (Q257011)
  2. BIPA / Bibliografía de la Poesía Áurea: Golden Age Poetry in Spanish. FactGrid Item:Q256808.
  3. BITAGAP / Bibliografia de Textos Antigos Galegos e Portugueses: Medieval texts in Galician, Galician-Portuguese, and Portuguese. FactGrid Item:Q256809. Senior Staff: Arthur Askins (Q257010), Harvey Sharrer (Q257012), Martha Schaffer (Q257013)
  4. BITECA / Bibliografia de Textos Antics Catalans, Valencians i Balears: Medieval texts in Catalan. FactGrid Item:Q256810. Senior Staff: Lourdes Soriano (Q257014)

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