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Controlled Vocabularies in FactGrid

Many relevant vocabularies exist (see FactGrid:Vocabularies), some of which are also stored or managed in FactGrid with Items. This page summarizes the corresponding data model.

this is work in progress!

In short a controlled vocabulary is a set of concepts that can be connected by hierarchy (broader/narrower) and/or other generic relationships (related). Each concept has labels and should have at least one identifier, unique across its vocabulary. In some vocabularies, the concepts are also grouped into concept types.

A more detailled data model of vocabularies is given by JSKOS Data Format. FactGrid vocabulary model can be mapped to a subset of JSKOS.


Every vocabulary MUST have an item that is instance of Q456374 or one of its subclasses. The following query lists all vocabularies listed in FactGrid with their corresponding property and BARTOC id:

SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?property ?propertyLabel ?bartoc WHERE {
  { ?item wdt:P2/wdt:P3* wd:Q456374 }
    ?item wdt:P932 ?id; 
    BIND(IRI(CONCAT("http://bartoc.org/en/node/",?id)) as ?bartoc) 
  OPTIONAL { ?item wdt:P548 ?property }
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }      

Try it!


Each concept is an item connect to exactly one vocabulary item.

How this is done is not fixed yet.

If a vocabulary has concept types, each concept MUST be instance of (P2) exactely one of type items.


In some vocabularies the identifier is called notation and prepended to the item label, separated with ": ".

In some vocabularies the identifier is given by a statement (not defined yet).

Concept Types

If a vocabulary has concept types, there is a type item for each of this types.

TODO: How are concept types connected to the vocabulary item? Do we need a new property "is concept type of vocabulary"?