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I do not have a clue

  • If you are here with an account and need first help, click through the chapters above.
  • If you have never edited on a Wikibase platform start with your personal Item or create an Item for a person of your interest using the NewItem menu. Look at a more complex Item on FactGrid set like Adam Weishaupt's. Once you have created your first triples you will understand what a mass input will do for you.
  • If you have data for a mass input and wonder how to get started, put them into an open Google spreadsheet and invite the colleagues to help you. The FactGrid:Project chat is the forum where you can reach all the others on board.
  • If you have edited Wikipedia pages or Wikidata items you will realise that the FactGrid help section is not very specific. Use the Wikipedia Help and the Wikidata Help do get advice on text formatting or the QuickStatements syntax. It would be useless to copy all that excellent work of the Wikimedia community.
  • If you feel like this or that advice would have helped you a lot revise the FactGrid help section. Those who follow will thank you.