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The main content in this MediaWiki installation is stored in objects named "page". These pages are split belong different namespaces, the one containing the most pages is the item namespace.

Each namespace has a set of properties, e.g. names in different contexts (dropdown, headlines), prefix, creation of headline of a page, user permissions required to change content.

List of namespaces

Number Name Quantity Name of prefix Name in "Special:AllPages" dropdown Headline in "Special:AllPages" headline Name in page navigation Example page Headline of example page Comment
-1 Special [?] Special [n.a.] [n.a.] Special page Special:SpecialPages Special pages
0 Main [?] (Main) All pages Page / Main page Main Page Main Page
2 User 78 User User All pages (User namespace) User page User:Olaf_Simons User:Olaf Simons
4 Project 20 FactGrid FactGrid All pages (FactGrid namespace) Project page FactGrid:Der_Gotha_Zettelkasten FactGrid:Der Gotha Zettelkasten
6 File [?] File File All pages (File namespace) File File:FactGrid-Logo.svg File:FactGrid-Logo.svg Link to page in wiki code needs prefix ":"
8 MediaWiki [?] MediaWiki MediaWiki All pages (MediaWiki namespace) Message MediaWiki:Common.css MediaWiki:Common.css
10 Template 4 Template Template All pages (Template namespace) Template Template:Q Template:Q
12 Help 2 Help Help All pages (Help namespace) Help page Help:Description Help:Description
14 Category 1 Category Category All pages (Category namespace) Category Category:Fußnote_setzen Category:Fußnote setzen Link to page in wiki code needs prefix ":"
100 WikibaseForm 1 WikibaseForm WikibaseForm All pages (User namespace) WikibaseForm WikibaseForm:Biographie WikibaseForm:Biographie used for "Portal" in Wikimedia projects
120 Item >1000 Item Item All pages (Item namespace) Item Item:Q7 human (Q7) headline of a page choosen from a set of names
122 Property [?] Property Property All pages (Property namespace) Property Property:P2 instance of (P2) headline of a page choosen from a set of names