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First Searches

Data Model

Career Statements, Positions etc.

can be found in the Swedish descriptions and are not yet available as statements. We would need German translations to map them. Here a Google doc that needs replacements and identification (in <> brackets) of the sort of information which we have to feed into FactGrid

Who is Who?

The input is straight from Nils Petter Sundius, Provincial Matrikel över samtliga uti IX. Frimurare Provinsen uti 18de Seculum [...] antagne [...] Ledamöter (1831) Item:Q183736. It will be quite a challenge to map these people in

  • the Swedish National Biography
  • Wikidata.

Some Lists:

Source edition

We should have the source on Wikimedia Commons. Martin Gollasch offered help.

Germans of Stralsund and Greifswald

There are quite a number of Germans in the dataset - so far with Swedish Name variants that are not recognised in German sources. These people need German labels.

Lodges with insufficient statements

see Item:Q81400 or Item:Q10575 for a complex Lodge