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It would be helpful to know what the parameters for this field are.

I just tried to add the following as a note to a record:

Vol. I: MSS 1-500Vol. II: MSS 501-846Vol. III: MSS 847-1100Vol. IV: MSS 1101-1598Vol. V: MSS 1599-2099Vol. VI: MSS 2100-2374Vol. VII: MSS 2375-2474Vol VIII: MSS 2475-2824Vol. IX: MSS 2825-3026Vol. X: MSS 3027-5699Vol. XI: MSS 5700-7000Vol. XII: MSS 7001-8499Vol. XIII: MSS.8500-9500Vol. XIV: MSS 9501-10200Vol. XV: MSS 10201-11000Vol. XVI: MSS 11001-11502Vol. XVII: MSS 11502-12400Vol. XVIIII: MSS 12401-12928Vol. XIX: MSS 12929-12952Vol. XX: MSS 12953-12981Vol. XXI: MSS 12982-13989

I got this error message:

Could not save due to an error.

Malformed input: Vol. I: MSS 1-500 Vol. II: MSS 501-846 Vol. III: MSS 847-1100 Vol. IV: MSS 1101-1598 Vol. V: MSS 1599-2099 Vol. VI: MSS 2100-2374 Vol. VII: MSS 2375-2474 Vol VIII: MSS 2475-2824 Vol. IX: MSS 2825-3026 Vol. X: MSS 3027-5699 Vol. XI: MSS 5700-7000 Vol. XII: MSS 7001-8499 Vol. XIII: MSS.8500-9500 Vol. XIV: MSS 9501-10200 Vol. XV: MSS 10201-11000 Vol. XVI: MSS 11001-11502 Vol. XVII: MSS 11502-12400 Vol. XVIIII: MSS 12401-12928 Vol. XIX: MSS 12929-12952 Vol. XX: MSS 12953-12981 Vol. XXI: MSS 12982-13989

Why is this malformed?--Charles Faulhaber (talk) 03:21, 4 April 2022 (CEST)