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June 2019 First Edits

Dear Charles,

Here are the exemplary items you might try to refine:

There are probably some statements I would try to use if it was my project, especially the Property:P233/+Property:P234 option to create a stemma. This is something I am not quite sure how it will work out. If you talk to computer people they might find that easy. Property:P233 states the previous position(s) in a genetic relationship and Property:P234 is a property to qualify the respective genealogical link like: translation, abbreviation and so on. We manages to get network graphs with these two properties but I'd love to ave a visualisation that exploits the P106 date marker to create the tree...

There are other issues I did not try to solve. The Property:P476 identifier should be able to link straight through into the dataset. You can configure it if you know more about how your software is creating these dynamic links. (That is also the reason why I did not create the "Uniform Title IDno" - you people will know better how to create links into your database.

I also did not go into details with the two texts of the manuscript. Item:Q164746 has some blanks "Input here" that just indicate we could do it, but I did not create the respective items because that would open ever new boxes. The language item "Castellano" might need specification (Spanish would also have been available, but I guess you have more specific terms for different historical periods like we have in German with Middle High German, or Middle Low German).

Best Wishes --Olaf Simons (talk) 13:42, 27 May 2020 (CEST)

Thanks, Olaf,

I'm still trying to figure out how to identify Properties to use as examples in the NEH proposal.

I will use this with you rather than e-mail....

A question:

Is it possible to copy a Property and then make changes in it. For example, copy P329 "Holding archive" to create another P with the label "Holding library"?

Distinguishing Qs at the model level

Hi Olaf,

I understand "Goethe (Q5879) author (P21) Faust (Q29478)"

How do I express this in terms of a data label, linking an entity Q author (P21) to Q ext"?

How about entity human (Q5) author (P21) Q ???

I was looking at the "New Property" page. I think that we are going to have to create a lot of new properties. Will they all have to be debated and discussed before they can be added?

Thanks again. This is fun,


The statement above is the other way around: Faust has properties and one is that Goethe is its author. See Item:Q3828 for a typical letter. (We did not yet go any deeper into books). Look at our Reasonator interpretation to see why this makes sense.
You can state Faust on Goethe's side with Property:P174 works published. But we did not start with this because it would kill the Items. Some People have written some 800 letters - if we state them on the person's item that will not be beautiful, especially since we will travel around with a messy subset of qualifiers: Goethe is the author of the letter x, he sent that to Y, Y lived in Z, he sent that Letter on date B... So we put all this information on the objects and leave it to searches to tell us what a person has written. [all the object that have J.J.C. Bode as author (some 800)
Item:Q7 Human you need to state that someone is a human being - like a category in previous datebases. Author is mostly used as in career statements.
If you want to feed bigger masses into FactGrid, I would recommend to do some five test items of each sort and look at the searches they are supposed to answer. The good data model answers well on searches. On this course we will create most of the Properties needed. You can create your own properties any time but I recommend to do that only after a couple of items we created together. There are stupid mistakes one can make like not fully consider the data-type. It is also good practice to state new properties on the common page so that the others can see them and begin to use them in their own research. --Olaf Simons (talk) 08:13, 31 May 2020 (CEST)

Hi Olaf,

I did finally figure out, with help from a friend in Spain that the proper relationship is work P50 author/ written by: Libro de buen amor (Q2283127) written by (P50) Juan Ruiz (Q434597). In fact, this is how we do it in PhiloBiblon, where the basic entity is the Work, to which authors, translators, and other Associated Persons are linked.

I don't intend to create anything, neither properties nor classes, for a good long time!

I will talk to you with Jens on Tuesday

1st Web-Meeting, 18 May 2021

Moved to FactGrid talk:PhiloBiblon

Database Objects and pages

The following is no database object - it is a Wiki page with the Q-Number of an object/Item:

To create an object you need to run the New Item procedure (Menue (which you did)). Better even: run that routine with a batch Fragment.

This is the database object - It has "Item" in the url:

It makes no sense to date things on FactGrid (as you did on the talk page as the system has a version history for anything that is far more precise and specific.

Maybe I can offer an online course on the Database. Useful also a look at the Help section to understand the database routines. (Improvements of the Held section are welcome.) I could give that course for anyone interested Monday 24 May 2021 at on our Webex Channel (easy to use) 21:00 CET.