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Please be prepared to use FactGrid transparently and as a colleague. We would like you to

  • use your real name,
  • offer an address on which others can contact you
  • handle your projects with openness on FactGrid

FactGrid is primarily a research site. We want to provide researchers and research projects in the Digital Humanities a platform on which they can openly create and publish data.

Unlike most Wikimedia projects we do not have professed "criteria of notability - and we explicitly encourage "original research", research you should be able to safely publish here for the first time.

This is basically possible under the decision to restrict participation to people who will personally sign responsible for what they do on FactGrid, privately or as part of their research project.

We will therefore invite you to open your account under your real name and with a statement of contact information. That can be the address of your university research project or, in case you want to participate as a private researcher, your personal address and email on your user page.

We do, at the same moment, appreciate transparent participation: Let us know what you are working on. Contact neighbouring projects if you plan massive structural changes. Wikibase allows you to run mass commands that change structures of thousands of items over night. Other users can undo these changes but they will not be happy if they have to. The better option is the coordinated move that allows everyone else to see the advantages and to appreciate the work you are doing.

The site does not have specialised administrators; it is rather a project of colleagues who are not exactly prepared to run a massive research platform.

So, please bear with us.

All FactGrid-data are CC0-licensed