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Jour fixe

It has been proposed to have a weekly jour fixe on Thursdays 21:30 CET (a time equally (in)convenient to all our teams around the world). FactGrid has an open web channel for such purposes that can be used without further passwords and software downloads. Contact for link details.

Message Board


on the FactGrid database, a project of the Gotha Research Centre operated by the data lab of the University of Erfurt. With the support of Wikimedia Germany we are using a MediaWiki with Wikidata's “wikibase” extension. Our main product are data which we collect on “items” such as these:

You will need to be logged in to see the “add statement” link with which you can add information in the form of triple based machine readable claims — which can now be explored with a data mining language, SPARQL, at our SPARQL Endpoint. All FactGrid data are CC0-licensed. You can download any search in various data formats with the aim to explore FactGrid data in other software environments or visualise searches with various tools on our site.

Visit our

The FactGrid database is an open collaborative and multilingual project comprised of— as of October2021 — 200 participants from all over the world. If you are looking for a site to present research data and keep them in the process of further research — the FactGrid database might be a cool candidate. For more information and account details contact:

      Dr. Olaf Simons
      Gotha Research Centre at the University of Erfurt
      Schloßberg 2
      99867 Gotha
      office: +49-361-737-1722
      mobile: +49-179-5196880


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