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The FactGrid/GND-Project

Produced by the German National Library and its partner institutions the GND is the biggest compound of data that is supplying libraries with authoritative information on authors, organisations and topics in the German speaking countries. In March 2019 we entered a joint venture with the DNB to organise a coordinated input of GND-Data — coordinated with the aim to eventually work in the emerging ensemble of "federated wikibase instances".

Over the next months we will upload the data sets of several millions of biographies and organisations with the aim to facilitate work on the platform. The project page gives sheds light on the problems the project is facing and serves with contact information into the project.

Wikidata and wikibase fans are especially welcome to join the team with more knowledge of the technicalities and the transformation of data models that have to be managed.


Personen-Datenbank Zeitgeschichte

The project aims to make accessible FAIR and standard-compliant personal data held by the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History (IfZ) about German post-war federal and Bavarian civil servants.

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The Global Genealogy of Lodges

FactGrid presently offers the data sets of some 2100 Lodges, most of them of the (former) German speaking territories. The individual sets are by and large superficial — most of them drawn from GND data, French Lodges came into the project with Bruno Belhoste's Harmonia Universalis project. A couple of lodges have, however, become test cases for the more interesting and wider project with denser packs of information (see Gotha's former Lodge "Ernst zum Compaß" as our case of greatest detail).

Christian Wirkner supplied detailed membership information for Göttingen's 18th-century Lodges. Membership information is otherwise available wherever Hermann Schüttler provided Masonic background information in the Gotha Illuminati Research Base. The following searches give insight into the status quo:

The wider project of the global genealogy of Lodges will require a team to gather and visualise information on the evolution of Masonry with statements on lodges and their respective affiliations and adherence to systems as they developed over the last three centuries.